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If nobody talks about you then nobody knows who you are. the same ways . . . If nobody watch you and your products then nobody remembers who you are and what your products are.

if you want SHARES or SALES, you must SAY or SHOW. If you want to Sell your Product, Service, or Skill, you must need to Show. if you want SALES, you must SHOW. so that’s why HOSUR.TV. Show creates connection, emotional feelings and finally happen sales. so Show on Hosur.TV for get more Sales.

Hosur.tv for sellers created by sales Hacker

Hi, I’m Venkat, and I’m founder of Hosur.TV

Video presentations are the best way to Convert and get more Sales today. So I want to give you the Best offer to create your video presentation for get more Sales.

If people don’t Talk about You and your valuable Service, then People won’t Know You and your Service. Also if People don’t Watch your valuable Products, then People won’t Remember your Products. So, that is why People don’t Buy your Service and Products. And that’s why you have less Sales and few Customers.

Most people spending Thousands of Rupees to get Promote their Services and Products that ends up being Nothing and that doesn’t actually Do anything.

That’s why I want to give you the Best offer to hosur.tv. Hosur.TV is the #1 Hosur’s Business Video Sharing Platform. so you can Create your videos that will Generate Leads for your Business and actually Sell your Product and services.

You know that Model has changed, from Offline marketing and sales to Online marketing and sales, from Satellite TV to Web TV.

  • Helps explain a product clearly.
  • Shows what makes you different.
  • Increases engagement on social platforms
  • Video creates stronger emotional connections.
  • Videos build trust with your audience, with your customers.

that will generate leads for your business.

Just go to www.hosur.tv and call +91 97888 17999 to start your video presentation today.

Offerings Include


For getting more Sales

  • you don’t want Experience and Skills
  • You don’t need to invest more Money and Work.

I have experience more than 15 years in Sales and created 1000+ business Websites and customers have been doing Crores of Sales


We shoot high Quality videos that will create Curiosity and Attraction.


For editing videos, we use Paid software and Copyrighted content, to avoid Copyright issues.


Your video presentation is shared on many places some of are

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Mobile apps
  • hosur.tv

and other places.

Also you can use your video for your Marketing,

  • to send your Contacts
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • to send Email
  • through Mobile apps
  • Share on social Media and more

You don’t need to go and say to everyone the same presentation again and again. so your are going to save more money, spend less time , and reduce your stress.


We list your

  • Video Presentation
  • Business Name
  • your Contact Number
  • your Address
  • Map location
  • Website Link
  • your Product’s and Service’s Photos
  • Posts
  • about Yourself

are found on

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google and more

Your Business Information found on the Internet.

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If nobody Talks about You then nobody Knows who you are. the same ways . . .
If nobody Watches your Service and your products then nobody Remembers Why your Services are and What your Products are.

I am looking for fast Action Takers, we will Sell your Skills, Services and Products. Scan this QR code and send Rs 2000. After, fill the “Join Now” form and send. and call to start your video presentation today. +91 97888 17999

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